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What is the Decay Rate for Live Call Leads?

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What is the Decay Rate for Live Call Leads?

July 2, 2014 @ 2:02 pm

When we send your company a live call lead, suppose you are not able to get to the phone right away.  Guess what happens next?  The decay rate for that lead has started and the longer you wait to get back to that lead, the faster that decay rate will increase.  It is almost an exponential rate, meaning that the further away you get from the time that the lead call, the less likely chance you have to close that lead.

An Example

I was looking for a plumber and on Monday of this week, I decided to call a contractor that did some great work for me several years back.  Tuesday came and it was already the afternoon.  My wife was asking if she should call a friend of hers because the friend’s son-in-law does handyman work, including plumbing.  At that point, since we had a leaky pipe, I wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible.

I am writing this on Wednesday and the contractor that I called on Monday, finally got back to me and asked if I found a plumber which obviously I had.  Because the contract waited too long, I went with another plumber.

This will happen to you to if you don’t take the call right away or you wait until too much time has passed to get back to the lead.  Don’t let that happen.  Take the call immediately whenever possible.  We can get you plenty of quality leads but it’s really your job to close those leads.  This is the biggest mistake businesses make is to sit on the lead and wait to call.

They Are Reaching Out To You

These types of leads are not the type that you have to make call after call or send email after email to.  A live lead call reaches out to you.   That means they are ready to buy.  That’s pure gold in the lead generation world.  Sure, they may have some questions for you.  And it’s really important to listen carefully to what they are looking for.  But they initiated the call to you.  Take the call!

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