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What is a Scrub Rate?


What is a Scrub Rate?

June 13, 2014 @ 5:25 pm

We provide leads to businesses.  Obviously not every lead is going to be valid.  Between spammers and telemarketers, leads that are generated are going to have some bad apples among them.

But we account for that here at Referral Place.  We have what’s known as a scrub rate.  This is a rate where we give an allowance for bad leads. This does depend on the type of service you use with us as to whether it is available or not. But it is a great way to weed out the bad leads.

Of course, one of the aspects that separates Referral Place from our competitors is that we make sure that businesses that we provide leads to will actually use them to their optimum potential.  That means closing sales.  When we find businesses that are struggling to close sales, we have a service that can help them with that.

The key is calling business as close as possible to when they call you.  If you cannot get to them right away, try to get to them very soon thereafter.  Otherwise, the chances of them looking else where increases dramatically.

We currently have a scrub rate set at 10% of leads.  So if you spent $100 in leads with us, we charge you $90.  This kind of arrangement works out well and prevents the business and us from having to go through each and every lead and determine which ones were good (most of them should be) and which ones were invalid.  An example of an invalid call would be one from a telemarketer for instance.


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