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How It Works

We feel the strongest leads come from live phone leads.  These are usually people that are ready to buy because they are actively calling.  This is the main focus of our service.  Our optimized advertising techniques attract valid people to through the funnel which gets them calling you.

First 5 Leads Are On Us

As part of getting to know our business, we give you the first 5 (or so) leads for free.  After that, you can make the decision about whether you want to continue which we will set up an a PayPal payment to generate the billing for future leads.  We do give reports about the leads that were given during the period.

What To Do When You Get The Call

We want you to close sales.  This means that you should take as many of the calls as possible.  If it turns out that you cannot get to them right away, the faster you get back to them, the better.  If you wait too long, they will likely move onto your competition.  When you do get them on the phone, close the sale.   One way to do that is to give them a discount for agreeing to work with you.  In other words, if they want want you are offering, give a discount if they buy from you at that moment.  This is a great way to close deal.

What is Considered a Valid Lead?

We typically consider calls that last more than 30 seconds a valid lead.  You will know if a telemarketer is calling and you simply tell them you are not interested.  Calls lasting 30 seconds or more means that the potential customer is inquiring about the products and services you are offering and has a sincere interest.

Note: we reserve the right to remove this provision if we feel that this is being abused. If the majority of calls are less than 30 seconds during any billing cycle, we will remove this provision and charge for all calls. The scrub rate will still be maintained for calls that are attributable to telemarketers or misleads.

Scrub Rate

This was covered in another article but we do factor in a scrub rate of 10%.  This means that we don’t charge you for 10% of the leads which should be able to cover most (usually all) invalid leads.  This keeps our service fresh and gives you more leads that can lead to potential sales.  You can learn more about the scrub rate here.


Since we are starting you out with 5 or more free leads, you can simply elect not to work with us after those leads are delivered and you will not be charged anything.  We will pass the lead generation onto other companies that need more leads for their business.