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How is Your Business Development Strategy?

How is Your Business Development Strategy?

July 19, 2014 @ 3:33 pm

Whenever I ask business owners the question in this title, I often get a blank look.  They tell me that they advertise in the Yellow Pages or Manta.com and call it a day.  I ask them how that is working for them.  Most of the time they tell me it gives them some business but they wonder if the high costs of these services are even worth it.

​Other business owners tell me that they spend painstaking hours that takes them away from their core business trying to drum up new work.  Usually I can tell from their responses that this is not working very well for them.

So I would like to ask you, how is your business development strategy?  ​Do you use the types of scenarios above or do you have other ways to drum up new business?  Do you keep in contact with existing customers and if so, how?

If you would like to free your business up or you simply want to save on the cost of expensive services that don't produce the quality of leads you were hoping for, then Referral Place can absolutely help you.  We get you active, inbound leads (the customers call you).  All you need to do is close the sale (we can help you with that if needed).

No Monthly Charges (WOOHOO!)

If we don't deliver any leads to you, guess what?  You don't pay.  Many lead generation companies try to get a monthly fee out of you whether they deliver leads to you or not.  That doesn't seem fair.  Why pay unless you actually get leads?  This makes those leads quantifiable. It's much easier to calculate your ROI when you are paying for actual leads, don't you agree?

What is a Scrub Rate?

I wrote an article about I concept known as our scrub rate.​  We understand that occasionally leads that we send are not quite the right fit.  It could be an annoying telemarketer or someone that just didn't understand the advertising that we sent.  So we came up with a scrub rate where we don't charge for a percentage of leads.  Currently that is 10%.  So if we send you 100 leads you only pay for 90.

If you'd like to get started, just leave us a comment below and we'll make sure our lead generation specialists contacts you.​

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